Get the word out…or else!

6 06 2008

How many elected officials make decisions with little or no feedback from the community, only to spend the next days and weeks replying to an onslaught of questions or criticism??  And, how many times have residents and voters complained that they do not know what their government is doing, yet have never been to a council meeting or Mayor’s forum?? Is this dysfunctional, or just the results of an ineffective communication system?  I would argue the communications between governments and citizens, universally in this region, is woefully lacking!

Elected officials cannot simply call a meeting and expect their audiences to show up.  People are busier now than ever and are inundated with information 24/7.  To be effective, municipal leaders must communicate to their audiences in the fashion that works best for the residents, not for them!  You must provide information through multiple sources, and targeted times, and with targeted messaging.  Short of this, residents and voters will remain in the dark about local events. 

Worse yet, in fact MUCH worse, there are elected officials who actually blame the residents for not keeping abreast of local events.  An incredible fallacy!!  You are in office to SERVE THE COMMUNITY!  If they are not hearing from you, in a timely fashion that works for them, YOU are ultimately responsible….not them!

The Impact Group fully understands the need for voters and other constituents to be informed….effectively…by their community leaders.  Check out the services available to greatly enhance municipal communications at




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