Unappreciated Genius and Founding Father

29 07 2008

Despite his appearance on the $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton has not faired well among historians in relation to the attention and praise devoted to the other founding fathers. Being born out of wedlock, he began life at the lowest social strata of a society obsessed with ancestry and the perceived merit of proper breeding. Hamilton was, however, a recognized genius who has been commonly portrayed as an egotistical elitist who viewed the common man as a great irrational beast to be feared and controlled.  He was often at the center of political firestorms that brought him into conflict with more popular figures like Jefferson, Adams and Monroe. He was involved in one of the nations first political sex scandals and was killed in a duel by a political rival. By all accounts he lived a life of high drama and intrigue.

Although controversial, he possessed a towering intellect that is worthy of praise and admiration. He deserves recognition as one of the most profound thinkers of the modern age.   

Ron Chernov, a biographer of Hamilton, has concisely summarized his contributions quite well. Hamilton was an “architect of a modern America, in both its politics and economics, creating the building blocks of the nation’s government and economy.”   

More to come regarding the Unappreciated Genius of Alexander Hamilton.

Tom Speaks




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