The Importance of Using Social Networks

20 10 2008

There is a social network out there for just about anybody. If you don’t believe me, check out, a place specifically for cat lovers. Or, a site for baby boomers.

According to the Boomj web site, it had more than 1 million visitors in the month of June alone. If your business sells to this demographic, utilizing the web site is the perfect way to reach your desired audience. Your dollars are targeting the exact people you want, without getting lost on others in between.

I guarantee you, no matter what product or service you sell, there is a social network for it. All it takes is a little research, and it’s worth it in the end.

By exploring a social networking site that pertains to your business, you’ll get a feel for what people are interested in, upset with or new things they would like to see. It’s a great way to be more engaged with your audience.

A few more social networking sites for you to explore:


Abbey Swank



2 responses

9 11 2008

I was attracted to BOOMj primarily because I heard that it was a site for GenJonesers like me, and there has been such a lack of websites specific to us Jonesers, but whenever I’ve gone on BOOMj, I’ve never been able to find anything that has to do with my generation. It doesn’t even have much for Boomers, but Jonesers are completely ignored. BOOMj is about hype, they don’t deleiver what they promise.

20 11 2008
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