The Art of Pitching

18 12 2008

Getting a story placed doesn’t always happen so easily. Sometimes the news release that you send out doesn’t intrigue a reporter enough to want to develop the story more. That’s when the PR professional needs to pitch.

Pitching is the process of creatively and succinctly crafting either a verbal or written story idea, or even both. Pitching is finding the right story angle that will get the media’s attention and be meaningful to your audience. PR professionals are in the service of providing useful information to an audience via the media. PR is a resource for journalists.

At several PRSA Cleveland workshops for how to pitch the media, the panel of journalists always urges PR professionals to try more than once to pitch them a story idea (should they feel the PR professional is onto something). Ask them if it’d be okay to come back to them with a different take on the original pitch. If PR professionals really believe there’s a story to be told, they’ll find the best story angle.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when pitching to the media:

  1. Know their deadline
  2. Find out the best time to reach them
  3. Have the facts
  4. Make sure everything you give them is flawless

And…Make sure what you are pitching is really newsworthy!

For more tips, click here.





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