The Top Ten Gifts on Every Designer’s Wish List

19 12 2008

With the help of my fellow designers here at The Impact Group, I have developed a list of some great last-minute Christmas gifts sure to please the designer in your life. The wide range of gift options is sure to please your pocket book as well (ok, maybe not the trip to Fiji).

For the quirky designer in your life – USB retro Vacuum

For the serious designer in your life – Wireless Pen Tablet

For the comedic designer in your life – Graphic Design T-Shirts

The essential gift for every hard working designer – Adobe Creative Suite 4

For the color loving designer in your life – Pantone Color Cue2

For the, “I used to have perfect vision,” designer in your life – Cinema Display

For the nerdy designer in your life – Design books

For the “I’m not re-typing this” designer in your life – Capture Pro Software

No explanation needed for this one – Gift Cards

For the deserving designer in your life – Trip to Fiji

Happy Holidays everyone!




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