Samepoint – Another Great (Free) Social Media Monitoring Tool

31 12 2008

I didn’t find Samepoint. Samepoint found me.

The conversation search engine started following me on Twitter, which was a very smart move because now I’m blogging about it.  And it gives updates on Twitter all of the time about the new tools and features it adds to the site, such as the Wiki search function.

Samepoint is a great tool for us at The Impact Group because it allows us to track conversations about our clients. We can learn what people are saying and create the best messaging and tactics to help our clients respond in an effective manner.

It tracks blogs, microblogs, podcasts, videos and much more. So, if you aren’t monitoring what people are saying, here’s a free tool to get started!

Happy New Year!





One response

31 12 2008
Richard Krueger

Abbey – thanks for the mention! We’re glad you’re finding our site useful. We’re working hard on rolling out a more agency-focused, subscription-based service and will let you know when it’s in Beta. We appreciate your feedback. Have a great New Year!

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