Keep PR in your 2009 budget!

7 01 2009

News headlines about our country’s shrinking economy aren’t going away anytime soon. As companies are trying to forget a very forgettable 2008, they are looking at how 2009 can be better.

In response to 2008, many companies are slashing their 2009 marketing budgets as a way to save money (this is the opposite of what should really be done during a downward economy). The PR budget, however, should NOT be cut!

PR is the most cost effective tool, especially during tough economic times. PR is less expensive than advertising and most marketing methods, such as sending a direct mail piece. As an added benefit, PR is more credible than advertising and marketing.

Companies can have a more impactful PR program by using Web 2.0 along with traditional PR methods. Marketwire recently published a white paper titled “Top 10 Strategies for Shrinking Communications Budgets: Doing More with Less.” In this article, tips are provided on how to leverage PR and the Web at a fraction of the cost of marketing.

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