The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

22 12 2009

It’s that time of year again.

As the temperature is plummeting and the snow is beginning to fall, there really should only be one thing on your mind.  Don’t stick your warm tongue to cold pole.  It will stick.

According to a Dec. 8 Associated Press report, a 10-year-old boy from Boise, Idaho, in true “A Christmas Story” fashion, got his tongue stuck to a fence post on the way to school.  Luckily, a woman driving past the scene of the “stick” was kind enough to call 911.

With the help of Boise firefighters and some warm water, the boy was freed with a bruised ego and a hurting tongue, but no real injuries.  The young boy continued on to school that day – no doubt determined to make up for the time he lost while being stuck.

His story has a happy ending and surprisingly, a moral.

We can all relate to that boy.  During the latter part of 2008 and for most of 2009, the world has been that boy from Boise.  During this last year and half, we’ve all been stuck. 

Stuck with a fledgling economy. 
Stuck with reduced budgets and reduced manpower. 
Stuck with a guy down the hall whose lunch always smells.

But the firefighters are on their way.  2010 promises to be a year filled with renewed hope and a business landscape that looks encouraging.  2010 is the start of a new decade.  It brings with it the opportunity for growth and success.

What is the moral of the story of the boy in Boise?  He kept going.  He left his position on the fence post and continued the walk to school.  He may have walked through cold temperatures and snow, but he kept going.

We at The Impact Group wish you the warmest of Holiday wishes.  Our hope for you is that like the boy, you keep going into 2010.  But your situation is better than his.  You don’t have to walk alone.  You can walk with us.

We hope you do.

Happy Holidays.



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