Am I Becoming Immune to this Stuff?

18 12 2008

There has been so much to cover, politically speaking, in the last few weeks that I struggled to decide which major catastrophe/political goldmine to discuss. We had the Rod Blagojevich scandal, auto industry bail out collapse, an Iraqi journalist who apparently is not a fan of President Bush, a new Meet the Press moderator, more President-Elect Obama appointments, the Madoff “Ponzi” scheme, snow in Vegas, the possibility of another Senator Kennedy and today we found out which foreign nations gave millions of dollars to President Bill Clinton’s foundation causing an immediate conflict of interest with HRC set to become the next secretary of state.

Oh, and of course the most read story involved Jennifer Aniston and a striped tie. Go figure.

So where to even begin? I figured I could write, and write, and write all day about each of the stories I mentioned above. But that is probably not the most profitable thing for The Impact Group.  It’s not that I don’t want to write about all those stories. And I’m not getting lazy. I guess I’d just rather write something that doesn’t leave me sitting here shaking my head in disgust/disbelief. The bad news just builds on top of the news from the day before. I think I’m becoming immune to this stuff. So instead, I’ll attempt to clear my head and just leave you with the best political ad, in my opinion, of the 2008 presidential election. 

What made it the best ad, for me, was the simple, honest, genuine and unique message of the ad during the most heated part of the campaign, just a few weeks prior to the Iowa Caucus. You’ll have a hard time convincing me that this ad didn’t help seal the deal for Gov. Huckabee, who was outspent nearly 20-to-1 in Iowa by Gov. Mitt Romney.

Yes, we find ourselves in difficult and uncertain times. Yet we still hold true to the belief that there are better days ahead.  So with that in mind, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and a prosperous New Year.