Blogging is hard work, but it pays off

12 08 2008

Blogging takes time. It is often difficult to get started. It is usually not a top priority. It’s hard work. But, The Impact Group can speak from experience that it does work. How do we know? Blog stats. That’s how. As I reviewed our stats recently, I noticed a funny trend…when we write, people visit the blog. When we don’t, they don’t!

There are obvious increases in blog traffic when a blog gets posted. And, then, when we don’t write for a few days, the traffic dies down. Seems pretty logical, don’t you think? So, how do we (and YOU) do a better job of keeping our blog dynamic (and attracting visitors)? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be intentional. This is the biggest concept to address. If you’re not intentional about your blog, it will die a slow (or fast) death. Make a conscious effort. Recognize that when you blog, you’re giving your customers/prospects/vendors information they want and can use…and are looking for!
  2. Make a list. Create a list of possible blog topics. Sit down for 10 minutes and write out this list. That way, when you’re ready to write, you’re not starting from scratch every time.
  3. Create a bank of blogs. Take the time up front to write a few separate blogs. Keep them in a file somewhere so that you have some backup when it’s time to write a new post.
  4. Notice things. Read other blogs. Pay attention to the news. Make note of little things you experience that could be related to your blog. Then write about them. In my opinion, the best blogs are the ones that share a personal experience and then relate back to the theme/product/service. That’s when I can relate, as opposed to reading something that’s a clear “sell” of a company’s widget.

If you’re blog has slowed down lately, let this be an energy boost. Jump back out there and start writing!

Happy blogging!