New media takes over Ohio…

23 06 2008

While we may be behind on fashion trends and winning any sort of bowl, championship or series, Ohioans ARE among the first to embrace new and social media. Prove it? Attend PodCamp Ohio this coming Saturday, June 28.

First launched in Boston in September 2006, PodCamps have spread to various US and international cities, and have built a stronger community of podcasters, bloggers and other new media enthusiasts. 36 events have been held in the United States and abroad since 2006 and nearly 20 more are scheduled for 2008.

PodCamp Ohio will provide geeks, like myself, a perfect opportunity to learn, share, and grow their new media skills. Whether you’re just interested in new media or an experienced veteran, PodCamp Ohio will have something to offer.

“It’s all about learning, getting hands on with new media and spending time with folks that make up your online community,” said Angelo Mandato, coordinator of PodCamp Ohio. “By attending PodCamp Ohio, members of the blogging, podcasting, marketing, academic, and business communities will lead the charge toward embracing and effectively utilizing new and social media in our area,” he added.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Participants can attend informal sessions, created and driven by participants, about podcasts, blogs, digital music, web video and related aspects of new, Internet-based media. The format allows both beginner and expert media producers, as well as listeners, watchers and readers, to participate, discuss and network.

The event is presented by the ITT Technical Institute in Hilliard, Ohio and is open to the public, but registration is required. To sign up or learn more, visit Experience with podcasting or blogging are not requirements to participate; professionals of any industry, hobbyists and students are encouraged to attend.

So while we might spend a lot of time crying over lost games and out-of-date hairstyles, at least we’ll know how to post video blog re-caps of the one that got away, tweet Tribe smack talk and track Joe Blow-rowski’s public perception online.

Until next time,