Dynamic Web Sites Rock!

21 10 2008

I hate it when I go to a web site expecting to see something different than the last time I was there, only to be met with the same stale press release headline in the “Latest News” section on the home page that was there three weeks ago when I visited!

With all the dynamic opportunities out there, it’s time businesses recognized the need for dynamic content on their web site. Consumers, prospects, clients, vendors…everyone expects new information when they visit a site. News sites like CNN.com and MSNBC.com and others, do an outstanding job at created and pushing out dynamic content. Literally, if I was to visit CNN.com right now, I’m 99% sure I’d see something different than I did when I logged on this morning.

Now, news sites have an advantage because their content is always changing anyway. What about the little guy who doesn’t have breaking news happening every 24 hours?? There are many other ways to make a site dynamic outside of “Latest News.” Here are a couple suggestons:

  • Automatically tie in your calendar to the home page, so visitors to the home page see dates and events change every time they visit the site
  • Include an RSS Feed from an industry news site – they already keep their information fresh, why not take advantage of that?
  • Write a series of articles that can be rotated on the home page – with a little customizing, your site is now fresh every day

There are just a few options. Depending on the industry, there are many more ways to make a site dynamic and relevant to visitors. Just think through what YOU like to see/get when you visit a web site. Should there be sound and/or video? Can you include testimonials that rotate on the site? Or portfolio samples? The possibilities are endless.

Certainly, this can be a lot easier with a content management system running the back end of your web site. And, you’d be surprised at the cost and benefits that come with a content managed site – all the things listed above (calendars, dynamically updated news feeds, web video, etc.) and then some. 

This whole “dynamic” thing isn’t going away! If your content is stale and out of date, your customers and/or prospects will go somewhere else. Definitely something consider as you look at plans for 2009.

Matt White