The Benefits of an Online News Room

7 01 2009

The web has provided a great opportunity for PR, or online publicity, as a “push” tool to get your press releases out to the world. But, another great option to “pull” traffic to your site is the online news room.

An online news room can take on a variety of forms – depending on the subject, target, and the extent of your outreach. Creating a section on your site for all your news will improve the relevance of your site in searches, and will provide reporters with easy access to press releases, company info and high resolution artwork (photos, logos, etc.). In pitching news stories for our clients, we’ve found that the online news room is extremely beneficial – both to the news media and to us.

A good, simple example of an online news room comes from our client, ForeverLawn – a synthetic grass company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were pitching a story for a new project they were involved with in Tucson, Arizona. They had installed a landscape product in nine model homes in the new SaddleBrooke Ranch development, and the pictures told the story. See the online news room here.

The story garnered some positive attention, and ultimately a feature story in Arizona Builder Magazine. And, I believe the online news room made that a no-brainer decision for ABM to pick up the story.

If you need help setting up an online news room for your next publicity outreach, let us know.


Greatness…..From Many Angles

25 08 2008

If you are like me, now that the Olympics are over you can return to a normal sleep-wake pattern after two weeks of late night sports facination!  Several friends and colleagues have also commented on the unintended obsession which developed from watching athletes compete in a myriad of sporting events. With that, it is the myriad itself which facinated me the most.  And, strangely, this vast array of unique and, at times, unheard of sporting events is quite reflective our society overall.  See if you track with me on this:

Traditional Olympic events, such as track and field and swimming, are expected and highlighted every four years.  But, who had ever heard of synchronized diving? Or, two person co-ed badminton?  Have you seen these badminton players?!?  They attack the little shuttlecock (a term, in itself, which hardly sounds like something in sports) with explosive abandon, watching it then “float” across the net to two other competitors who return the volley with the same Venus Williams-like intensity.  Like a car wreck, I could not look away from this event! Co-ed badminton! I picture this in one of those Bud Light “Real Men of Genius”  commercials:  “Here’s to you, Mr. Co-ed Badminton Shuttlecock Guy!”

Further, there are literally dozens of Olypmic sporting events which feature sports and athletes you would never hear of outside the Olympics. Ping pong is a basement game for most of us, but not for the “table tennis” athletes who competed in Beijing!  And, did I read that wind-surfing was an Olympic sport this year?  Wind surfing?? What’s next: Dodge ball?  And, did you know that until the 1950’s, Tug of War was an Olympic sport?  I’m not kidding….Tug of War! Google it and check me on this. Somewhere in America there is a fireplace mantle displaying a Gold Medal Tug of War championship! 

My point is this: While many of us are familiar with the high-profile sports and the leading athletes, it is remarkable how others train and fiercely compete in events we may never hear or see.  It is the exact same in life: Many high-profile careers and professions attract a broad number of job seekers, but there are just as many “unheard” of professions and career professionals who work hard and are committed to success in areas of endeavor most of us have never heard of, and may never know. 

Doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects, and on and on go into their respective fields based on a level of passion, interest or general understanding of the profession.  But, for instance, did you know there are teams of highly-skilled engineers who, as we speak, are using water-based algae farms to create clean-burning biodiesel for engines?  Algae farms?!?  How does anyone get into that field of endeavor?  Or, how about a mechanical engineer who crafted an Apollo-like figure of a man out of solid gold….and shaped it to be used as a golf tee?  What?!? Check him out at  Or, a leading artificial turf company that creates germ-free fake grass for dogs??  For real!  Someone came up with the idea, and then experts made it reality. Check them out at

There are thousands, perhaps millions of stories just like this: People who excel at an area of expertise in an area of practice the overwhelming majority of people will never, ever know about.  We come across these people all the time in our line of work: advertising and marketing.  It never ceases to amaze me the creative and passionate areas of focus for people with a dream or an idea. Like many inventions, some will fail or simply not ever come to fruition.  However, like the expert badminton player, the commitment and tireless work of a broad-range of professionals to perfect their craft is truly to be commended. 

So, whatever your passion or calling in life, do it with the zeal and commitment to make you the best in the world at it!  You may never get accolades or national attention, but there is something incredibly rewarding with knowing that you are working hard at doing something you know may make a difference.  

By the way, if you have a bizarre of facinating career or position, let me know about!  Perhaps we’ll grab a beer after a heady badminton game and talk about it!