The Media Starts to Pay Attention

23 01 2009

-Martin Moleski

I had originally planned to use this post  to outline my ideas to rebrandstructure the Republican Party, but it will have to wait at least a week. Perhaps I’ll wait until a new party chairman has been decided, but I’ve been collecting my thoughts on how the Republicans can come back stronger than ever, so prepare for a lengthy post next time.

Shocking news out of the MSM (mainstream media) today as President Obama is not playing nice with the media and “frustrations” are starting to grow.

Better late than never, I guess.

What seems to be the problem? It mostly has to deal with the fact – yes, fact – that the MSM gave Obama a free ride all the way to Election Day. Now, as Obama closes out his first week as president, the media is starting to dig a little bit and the new president, plus his administration, aren’t really interested in discussing specifics.

This outright defiance by the Obama administration should surely stop Chris Matthews’ “thrill up his leg.”  Right?

Don’t Listen to the Mainstream Media, We Are Only 20 Days Away from the Election

10 09 2008

Martin Moleski

You may be asking yourself, “Twenty days? November 4, Election Day, is 50 plus days away.” Well, you are right. But perhaps you are not thinking about the estimated 70,000 voters – in Summit County, Ohio alone – who will cast absentee ballots beginning September 30. That’s right, 70,000 people (20% of the voters) who, right now, are researching the candidates in their respective area so when early voting starts they will be the first to cast their votes.

Ohioans like to vote absentee for many reasons:

  • No waiting in lines on Election Day
  • Take the time to research each candidate or issue on the ballot from home
  • Be at home when all those who promise to move to Canada when their candidate loses start hitting the road

So what is your campaign doing to influence these voters? As a campaign manager, I love absentee voters. I’m talking about the people who I know, for certain, are going to vote. Not only that, I can actually target them with a mailer or letter the day their absentee ballot arrives in the mail. Talk about making a last minute impression!

The truth of campaigns is that candidates like to crescendo at the end when voters are paying attention. This is especially true – and critical – in municipal races. But if you don’t have a game plan to reach the absentee voters, prepare to be disappointed on the real Election Day.