The Media Starts to Pay Attention

23 01 2009

-Martin Moleski

I had originally planned to use this post  to outline my ideas to rebrandstructure the Republican Party, but it will have to wait at least a week. Perhaps I’ll wait until a new party chairman has been decided, but I’ve been collecting my thoughts on how the Republicans can come back stronger than ever, so prepare for a lengthy post next time.

Shocking news out of the MSM (mainstream media) today as President Obama is not playing nice with the media and “frustrations” are starting to grow.

Better late than never, I guess.

What seems to be the problem? It mostly has to deal with the fact – yes, fact – that the MSM gave Obama a free ride all the way to Election Day. Now, as Obama closes out his first week as president, the media is starting to dig a little bit and the new president, plus his administration, aren’t really interested in discussing specifics.

This outright defiance by the Obama administration should surely stop Chris Matthews’ “thrill up his leg.”  Right?

President-Elect Obama Starts Early, Forever Tied to Bush Administration

2 12 2008

Martin Moleski

I may be young, but I don’t ever recall the United States having two presidents at the same time. In fact, I’m pretty sure our Constitution prohibits it. I am, of course, speaking of the unprecedented action of a president-elect while the current president is still in office. Don’t get me wrong, some of our nation’s problems could probably be better solved with two presidents in office, but I tend to look at things purely from a political perspective.

First off, let’s talk about President Bush.  Am I supposed to feel bad for him at this point? The length of his lame-duck presidency is going on two years. He became somewhat more relevant during the beginning of the fiscal crisis, but it has been particularly difficult to watch him since November 4.  At this point, all he can say is, “I’m sorry,” and hope that his successor can deal with the problems that have happened during his administration. I’m not defending some of the actions his administration made during the past eight years, but I’m still a firm believer that the root of the financial collapse, which included banks giving Americans mortgages they couldn’t afford for houses they didn’t need, started well before he took office. If you don’t believe me, read this article and pay attention to the date. I’m sure you have your own reason for why we are in this mess, but I choose to pay attention to the facts.

Now, on to President-Elect Obama.

By starting his administration two months early, President-Elect Obama is taking a huge political risk. Again, think about it purely from a political perspective. America is in the midst of fighting two wars and a historic financial collapse where billions, soon to be trillions, of American taxpayer dollars are bailing out banks, financial institutions, the auto industry (?) and eventually states, such as Ohio, that are strapped for cash. Obama is walking on a frozen Minnesota Lake….in April. It’s just waiting to crack.

Obama ran a masterful campaign that focused on one word; change. It was the right message for this election, which is why John McCain tried to steal it.  So why on Earth would he try to tie himself in to the problems our nation faces before he even takes office? Obama will be 60+ days into his honeymoon period before he even takes office and Americans will already be questioning his decisions.

Some of those decisions he has made, while good for the nation, are beginning to show how difficult being president really is. For example, the nomination of Robert Gates to continue on as Defense Secretary is the right move for our national security, but it also begins to validate some aspects of the Bush Administration.  I know that may be difficult for some of the readers to comprehend. However, Obama spent two years bashing Bush’s handling of the war and then nominates the current Defense Secretary. While this is just one isolated example, I have to ask if this is the change Obama voters were really looking for?

President-Elect Obama had an opportunity to start fresh. Out with the old and in with the new on January 20. That opportunity is now gone.  The long-term implications of serving as president prior to being inaugurated comes one year from now when we ask ourselves, “Who was president when we learned the United States was in a recession?”  We live in a nation that wants our president to be the problem-solver-in-chief. It is not possible. My gut tells me that Obama will shoulder some of the blame from decisions made by his predecessor. Unlike President Bush, however, Obama will only have himself to blame.

“Searching for new targets……acquiring……acquiring…..”

19 11 2008

Elected Congressional Officials……You are the next target!!

I attended a meeting of elected officials recently where a noted political veteran gave an overview of the elections and predictions of things to come. Very enlightening, and quite a wake-up call to those in office today…..and hoping to remain there going forward!

Regardless of your personal political convictions, consider the following:  Ohio and Michigan’s economies are in the tank, and yet the Ohio Governor has a 60% approval rate, and Michigan voters just re-elected the majority of current elected Democratic leaders.  Their reason?  They are not targets.  Yet.

The 2008 elections were aglow with “Blame Bush” rhetoric.  Economic troubles? Blame Bush. War on Terror? Blame Bush. Gas prices really high? Blame Bush.  (Although when prices come down they Blame Bush and his “oil buddies” and call for increased gas taxes….go figure!)  In the end, the Call For Change that resonated across the nation resulted in significant election gains for Democrats, as well as the election of Senator Obama.  The problem for the majority, however, is that Bush will be gone soon.  Then who will people blame??  The target has been on Bush’s back for his entire 8 year reign will now be redirected.  At you??

As the American electorated realizes that the new administration cannot fix all our problems overnight, and with the inevitable stumble and mistakes that all new administrations make, watch the rhetoric turn ugly. And, quickly!  Congressional Democratic leaders are buzzing with their new-found strength and expanded majority. However, polling shows that Congress has an overall approval rating of under 30%, below even that of George W. Bush.  Plus, 50 million people did not “Vote for Change”, and they are now the rabid minority who will be quite vocal.  The target may quickly be on the new leaders…..and with the economic forecast for the foreseeable future…..I send a warning to ALL incumbents for 2010, Be Advised!!

Think this is empty banter?  Look at recent history:  In 1992, Bill Clinton came to power on the campaign of “Change”.  In his first two years in office he enjoyed a Democratic House and Senate, and a laundry list of special interests who wanted their issues addressed immediately!  What happened? A huge tax increase, which became very unpopular very quickly, the appointment of under-qualified cabinet positions that turned over quickly, scores of military bases closed and local communities impacted by the job losses, and, of course, the universal health care program which was built under secrecy and died a horrible death in 1994.  (It was the Democratic Congressional leaders that killed it, not the Republicans as many conjecture incorrectly)

Ther result??  In 1994, the relatively unknown Newt Gingrich and other Republicans overwhelming retook the House with the Contract with America. President Clinton, who was nicknamed “Teflon” for his ability to avoid blame, reached out the conservatives under the so-called “Triangulation” strategy of working with the opposition. Two years later, even with a travesty of a campaign which featured Bob Dole and his tired, old school rhetoric, Clinton was re-elected, but Republicans increased their majority again.  Why?  It was very easy to blame Congress and ineffective leaders.

In 2008, we are still at war in two countries, the economy is facing its largest challenges in two generations, scandals continue in corporate America and in Washington, and a relatively newcomer is taking over in the White House.  Senator Obama faces incredible challenges, but is very popular due to his brilliantly engineered campaign. So for the next two years? Again, current Congressional members… ARE the next target!

The elections showed that while Obama won the election handily, the country overall has not swung hard to the left, as some groups would like to think.  If massive tax increases and greatly increased government programs are the leading initiatives in 2009, I would not want to be in the congressional majority come election time 2010!  I guess we’ll see where the priorities are placed by Congress for the next two years.

Better start handing out the teflon…….


Obama watches the Internet while McCain hand-writes letters

9 06 2008

Martin Moleski
mmoleski@igpr.comCourtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Well, it’s official. Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party and will face Republican Senator John McCain in the fall. As Senator Hillary Clinton finally accepted her fate this weekend and dropped out, Obama was said to be working on his golf game – he’s clearly given up on bowling – and decided he should at least watch Clinton’s concession speech. So according to an Obama staffer he watched the speech on a computer – must be an ‘elite’ golf course to have wi fi – and then went about his business.

Meanwhile, McCain is ready to campaign. He is challenging Obama to joint town hall discussions across America to talk about the issues. He challenged Obama by sending him……. get this……. a hand-written letter. Interesting use of technology. By my math – unless he overnighted the letter – it should reach Obama’s camp by Tuesday.

Look, hand-written letters are nice. Sometimes that’s all you can do, and perhaps it would mean even more. But, seriously, there is a thing called e-mail Sen. McCain. This, in my opinion, presents a real challenge for McCain. He is already fighting against the stigma of being too old and out of touch with the voters. Meanwhile, Obama has seen tremendous success using the Internet, blogs and YouTube to motivate voters (old and young) and support his campaign.

It is critical for McCain to recognize that perception is often reality and not being able to understand the technological advances is hurting his image. This presidential campaign could very well be decided by how effectively each campaign utilizes social media throughout the summer. As of June 9, 2008, Obama clearly has the edge.

To learn how you can use social media in your political campaign, visit The Impact Group or e-mail