Annoying, Negative Political Campaigns

31 10 2008

Right now, you can’t turn on the TV or pick up the phone without expecting some sort of political advertising. Don’t get me wrong. I have always loved advertising, especially political advertising because it’s intense but it’s only around for a brief period of time.

The candidate’s first step of advertising, which is usually issue-based, is refreshing. Then we get into the image-based advertising. I don’t mind a candidate giving themselves a positive image, but they spend most of their time giving their opponent such a negative one. The “mudslinging” has become dominant on television. In between shows, there can be three to four negative campaign commercials in a row… and I can’t stand it. Never in my career did I think I would not look forward to the commercials, but I can’t wait until November 5┬áso I can enjoy my advertising career again.

I cannot find any conclusive research that shows negative campaigning works. There has not been much tracking on this. Why not advertise the wonderful things about choosing you instead of the nasty, horrible things your opponent believes in? It makes me feel like my only choice is to just pick the “lesser-of-two-evils.”

Certainly you can mudsling or do whatever negative advertising you want, but the question is, SHOULD you? Do you feel ethical doing it, and will people look at you different once you are elected?

I just think there needs to be more research on the effectiveness of negative, ads as well as the ethical issues.

Krista Rodriguez