Day Three of President-Elect Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

7 11 2008

Martin Moleski

History was made and the world seems to be pretty pleased that Americans selected Barack Obama as our next president. I have to give credit when credit is due, and he ran a near flawless campaign. Although he faced many hurdles, his campaign never lost focus of the end result; making sure he got to 270 electoral votes. If there was ever an appropriate time for a “Mission Accomplished” banner, it should have been displayed at Grant Park on Tuesday night (I like to imagine the campaign staff argued over whether they should put 60 American flags, multiple Greek columns or the banner behind him).

So now that Obama is just 74 days away until his historic inauguration, I’m actually more focused on the 750+ days or so from now when the Republicans try to get back into the White House. As I scanned the headlines this morning here is what I saw:

  • Dow down 900+ points since Obama elected
  • Jobless rate jumps to 14 year high
  • Ford plans more cuts after $129 million loss
  • Obama faces Cold War threat, warning from Israel

Not the best situation to be entering. My point here is that everything, EVERYTHING, President-Elect Obama does from today moving forward can be used against him in 2012. He needs to understand, if he wants to be re-elected, that his administration must be a continuation of his campaign. He can never stop campaigning. Every interview, statement, back room conversation, Joe Biden gaffe, cabinet position pick, legislation signed, etc. will be scrutinized and most likely used against him. He better be sure he picks the right kind of dog for his kids, too.

Remember, his campaign started in February of 2007. It won’t be long before it all starts again. My instincts tell me that he will be “Fired up….and Ready to Go.”

* Personal plea to President-Elect Obama: If you want to win Ohio again in 2012, please bring some of your change mojo to the Browns defense. They are awful.

Obama watches the Internet while McCain hand-writes letters

9 06 2008

Martin Moleski
mmoleski@igpr.comCourtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Well, it’s official. Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party and will face Republican Senator John McCain in the fall. As Senator Hillary Clinton finally accepted her fate this weekend and dropped out, Obama was said to be working on his golf game – he’s clearly given up on bowling – and decided he should at least watch Clinton’s concession speech. So according to an Obama staffer he watched the speech on a computer – must be an ‘elite’ golf course to have wi fi – and then went about his business.

Meanwhile, McCain is ready to campaign. He is challenging Obama to joint town hall discussions across America to talk about the issues. He challenged Obama by sending him……. get this……. a hand-written letter. Interesting use of technology. By my math – unless he overnighted the letter – it should reach Obama’s camp by Tuesday.

Look, hand-written letters are nice. Sometimes that’s all you can do, and perhaps it would mean even more. But, seriously, there is a thing called e-mail Sen. McCain. This, in my opinion, presents a real challenge for McCain. He is already fighting against the stigma of being too old and out of touch with the voters. Meanwhile, Obama has seen tremendous success using the Internet, blogs and YouTube to motivate voters (old and young) and support his campaign.

It is critical for McCain to recognize that perception is often reality and not being able to understand the technological advances is hurting his image. This presidential campaign could very well be decided by how effectively each campaign utilizes social media throughout the summer. As of June 9, 2008, Obama clearly has the edge.

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Get the word out…or else!

6 06 2008

How many elected officials make decisions with little or no feedback from the community, only to spend the next days and weeks replying to an onslaught of questions or criticism??  And, how many times have residents and voters complained that they do not know what their government is doing, yet have never been to a council meeting or Mayor’s forum?? Is this dysfunctional, or just the results of an ineffective communication system?  I would argue the communications between governments and citizens, universally in this region, is woefully lacking!

Elected officials cannot simply call a meeting and expect their audiences to show up.  People are busier now than ever and are inundated with information 24/7.  To be effective, municipal leaders must communicate to their audiences in the fashion that works best for the residents, not for them!  You must provide information through multiple sources, and targeted times, and with targeted messaging.  Short of this, residents and voters will remain in the dark about local events. 

Worse yet, in fact MUCH worse, there are elected officials who actually blame the residents for not keeping abreast of local events.  An incredible fallacy!!  You are in office to SERVE THE COMMUNITY!  If they are not hearing from you, in a timely fashion that works for them, YOU are ultimately responsible….not them!

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