20 11 2008

About a month ago I wrote a post about the importance of using social networks because there is a network out there for everybody. And an emerging social bookmarking site, Tip’d, is no exception.

And Tip’d is very relevant right now. It is a bookmarking site for financial news, ideas and advice, which is fitting considering the state of the economy.

A post by the Blog Herald highlights how far the site has come in a short amount of time and how it is already rivaling other social bookmarking sites like Digg, mainly because it’s serving a niche market that the others don’t.

So, if there isn’t a social network out there for something already, someone is probably creating it, especially if it is relevant to something happening today.

And this is important for companies to know. Watch what is going on in your industry and find out where it is being talked about.

For example, if you are in the finance industry, you should be monitoring Tip’d to find out what articles are being bookmarked and what comments are being made. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to respond to some of those comments so people know you’re listening.

It’s all about two-way communication. People want to know what you have to say.