Obama watches the Internet while McCain hand-writes letters

9 06 2008

Martin Moleski
mmoleski@igpr.comCourtesy of The Columbus Dispatch

Well, it’s official. Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party and will face Republican Senator John McCain in the fall. As Senator Hillary Clinton finally accepted her fate this weekend and dropped out, Obama was said to be working on his golf game – he’s clearly given up on bowling – and decided he should at least watch Clinton’s concession speech. So according to an Obama staffer he watched the speech on a computer – must be an ‘elite’ golf course to have wi fi – and then went about his business.

Meanwhile, McCain is ready to campaign. He is challenging Obama to joint town hall discussions across America to talk about the issues. He challenged Obama by sending him……. get this……. a hand-written letter. Interesting use of technology. By my math – unless he overnighted the letter – it should reach Obama’s camp by Tuesday.

Look, hand-written letters are nice. Sometimes that’s all you can do, and perhaps it would mean even more. But, seriously, there is a thing called e-mail Sen. McCain. This, in my opinion, presents a real challenge for McCain. He is already fighting against the stigma of being too old and out of touch with the voters. Meanwhile, Obama has seen tremendous success using the Internet, blogs and YouTube to motivate voters (old and young) and support his campaign.

It is critical for McCain to recognize that perception is often reality and not being able to understand the technological advances is hurting his image. This presidential campaign could very well be decided by how effectively each campaign utilizes social media throughout the summer. As of June 9, 2008, Obama clearly has the edge.

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