10 Years after Y2K Is A Good Time to Start Using Video

9 12 2009

-Martin Moleski

The end of one year and start of another always gives us time to simultaneously reflect and look forward. I’ve always found it to be a good time. Did I accomplish what I wanted in 2009? How can I be more successful in 2010? Wow…I’m coming up on my 10-year high school reunion (don’t despise me because I’m still under 30). The year 2000 was supposed to usher in flying cars, new technologies and almost limitless possibilities from the Internet.  And in just 10 short years so much has happened that it’s easy for even a young guy like me to get behind the curve every once in awhile. Before 2000, we never used Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, iTunes or this little search engine program called Google. Think about that. No Google before 2000. How was I even able to find information for my high school research papers?

And as these technologies grew so did our reliance on online video.  That’s right, I said “reliance” because these days the news is becoming more and more about what we can see and hear and less about what an anonymous source said. Don’t believe me. Try to think of the White House crashers story without the accompanying video of Mr. and Mrs. Salahi walking around the White House posing for pictures with the president and vice-president. Or maybe how protesters in Iran can only show what is happening to them by posting cell phone videos on their Twitter accounts. Still not convinced, I have two words for you: Balloon Boy.

Today’s technology is forcing you and your company into a video-centered world…whether you like it or not. If you still don’t have video on your Web site, you’re competition probably does. If you’re still going to sales call with a PowerPoint presentation, your audience has probably seen it before. As you start to both reflect and look forward, ask yourself, “How did I stand out in 2009?” More importantly, “How can video help me stand out in 2010?” If you can’t answer either question, now might be a good time for you to call The Impact Group.

The Twitter Effect

20 01 2009

Whether you have a Twitter account yet or not, it’s inevitable that you’ve at least heard of it. If not, it’s a site that allows users to share quick (140 characters or less) information with anyone who “follows” them. Check it out: www.twitter.com. (You can follow The Impact Group at http://twitter.com/igpr)

I recenlty read a great case study on the one-item-for-sale-each-day web site Woot.com and how they have used Twitter to effectively drive traffic and build community. Read the full article at MarketingSherpa.com (http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30996).

This case study is a testiment to the affects of not only social media, but the web as a whole. When I open my iGoogle.com page every morning, I get everything I need – from the blogs I’m reading to weather to latest news stories to the current product on sale at Woot.com.

Amazing! If you’re not using the web beyond just your organization’s web site…you’re missing out!


What’s “The Big Idea?”

29 07 2008

I’m reading in Entrepreneur Magazine recently about a relatively new company called NiteSweatz. They produce sleepwear with wicking material to help those who, for any number of reasons, sweat at night. Brilliant, right? Right!

A few weeks later, my wife is complaining about being hot at night and sweating a lot while she sleeps. I immediately think of NiteSweatz. BUT, I was not aware of the funky spelling. So, when I typed in “Night Sweats” I got an array of options. After narrowing my search and realizing the spelling, I happened upon a result in the listings for NiteSweatz on The Big Idea (a TV show on CNBC). Not knowing it was a show at the time, I clicked with interest. Sure enough, there is the founder of NiteSweatz being interview by Donny Deutsch on a show called The Big Idea – a show that’s dedicated to sharing information about new products, new companies, business growth ideas, etc.

This was a month or so ago. This past weekend, we’re flipping through the channels and up pops Donny Deutsch and The Big Idea on CNBC, so I stick with the show for a while. And, to my amazement, I realize this appears to be a show that was created for…Public Relations!

It is a fast-paced show, moving from topic to topic and guest to guest in seconds. The topic of discussion this night was “How to make good money in bad times.” Not a bad subject! There were panels of experts in real estate, innovation consulting, banking; and there were questions that came in from people via email, phone and even video. But, what’s cool about it is the opportunity for PR. If you happen to be an expert in a certain industry, this is a great opportunity to share your expertise. If you’re a start-up, or a company that has a great new/innovative product or service, The Big Idea looks like a great place to get noticed.

Now, because of the quick pace and insane jumping around, you may be mentioned along with 20-30 other great new products or companies; but that’s what it’s there for. It’s a show for businesspeople; businesspeople who are interested in the next Big Idea!

So, if you think you have a Big Idea; or if you can present yourself as an expert in your industry, consider The Big Idea. It might just give you your “Big Break!”