Storm Chasers

13 06 2008

So, I’m watching Larry King Live last night, and they are showing a web video from these two guys who sat right in the middle of a tornado in Iowa or Idaho or something like that on Wednesday morning and recorded the whole thing as it was happening.

Here’s the link to the video: Amazing Tornado Video

Of all the possible first things that could come to mind…Wow, how crazy? Man, what a cool experience?! How do they do that?…you know what my first thought was???

They’ve gotta be selling ads like crazy on that web site!

After watching more of the report with Larry King on the recent tornados, it ends up that these guys are really in this for the education and support of the National Weather Service. So, that kind of messes with my “selling ads” concept.

BUT…I know I’m not the only one who had this come to mind. Here are two guys, dead center of a tornado, and you have to believe there are at least 5 million people who would be interested in watching this 30 second clip. And, those 5 million viewers are purchasers of toothbrushes, VCRs, fast food, and any number of other products and services out there.

What’s my point? I have two:

  1. Even though these guys don’t seem to be doing it, EVERYTHING is for sale. Paula Abdul holds up a Coke cup (with the label facing the camera) on American Idol, and Coke pays millions for that. That’s just one example.
  2. The web and video have truly come together in an amazing way here (and in many other applications). is using it for education and safety. Plenty of sites use it for bad stuff. But, the bottom line is that video on the web is a great tool to communicate (and sell), no matter what you do.

My name is Matt White, and I approve this message.