Video Integrated Marketing

9 06 2008

When my wife has to pull out the big guns when preparing a desert, she make the greatest desert ever eaten – the tiramisu toffee torte. Although she keeps the recipe rather secret, this day long mixing and baking of four layers of fabulous ingredients includes Italian espresso, exotic toffee, chocolates, eggs, flour and a little bit of sugar. This treat always steals the show!

I am not a good cook, but I am rather successful at marketing campaigns. A page from my most impactful recipes is what I like to call, video integrated marketing. Here are some of the ingredients:

1. A content managed website that can quickly create new landing pages

2. 30 second to 3 minutes of video posted to the site

3. 30 second to 3 minutes video email with custom links

4. A support blog with consistent messaging (with video of course!)

5. A pinch of search engine optimization tactics

6. Print material (add for effect to your taste)

7. Video driven press releases (you can substitute old school press releases if necessary)

A couple of important notes:

1. Make sure the messaging is short and sweet and consistent throughout the ingredients

2. Don’t be intimidated by the video (self-video cams to professional productions have all seemed to work)

3. People remember 10% of what they read…

They remember 20 % of what they hear…

30% of what they see…

And 50% of what they see and hear!

Our team at The Impact Group has found that every time we integrate video into our clients’ marketing campaigns, amazing results happen. Video Integrated Marketing is simply mixing all the advances in video technology into EVERY possible way we market our clients.

Strategically driving results in marketing demands the use of video. Web site virtual spokespeople, video email, video driven web sites, video press releases and video integrated into presentations are just a few ways to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

We all understand that technology (even at our phone fingertips) is advancing the easiest way to communicate, visually. Video Integrated Marketing (VIM) is The Impact Group’s marketing approach that embraces that realization.

Until my wife starts a blog to unleash her baking secrets, try my recipe to enjoy better marketing,

My name is Don Polyak and you can reach me at