The Twitter Effect

20 01 2009

Whether you have a Twitter account yet or not, it’s inevitable that you’ve at least heard of it. If not, it’s a site that allows users to share quick (140 characters or less) information with anyone who “follows” them. Check it out: (You can follow The Impact Group at

I recenlty read a great case study on the one-item-for-sale-each-day web site and how they have used Twitter to effectively drive traffic and build community. Read the full article at (

This case study is a testiment to the affects of not only social media, but the web as a whole. When I open my page every morning, I get everything I need – from the blogs I’m reading to weather to latest news stories to the current product on sale at

Amazing! If you’re not using the web beyond just your organization’s web site…you’re missing out!


YouTube will rule the world

18 11 2008

youtube_logo1We all know that YouTube takes up a good deal of our personal and professional lives. But, did you hear this:

“All by itself, YouTube comprises 20 percent of all HTTP traffic, or nearly 10 percent of all traffic on the Net. Let’s repeat that: one site takes up 10 percent of the bandwidth on the entire Net.” (

Massive! I love YouTube and all it’s done for the web, and communications as a whole. One day, I think YouTube will rule the world!

Matt White