Another Funny Beer Commercial….

19 01 2009

Now that the holidays are behind us, I am getting in the spirit of SuperBowl weekend and great commercials! I love this commercial for Heineken beer. If anyone has ever had the challenge of writing a memorable, 30 second tv commercial, you understand how hard this task actually is – even though at times it appears easy. I think this commercial is ingenius! It is well thought out and definitely delivers the message in a very short time. I always love when humor is used also. I think that adds to us remembering it.

I love football, but I really can’t wait to see what the commercials have in store for us!

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 Krista Rodriguez

Now What?

20 07 2008

Have you seen the TV commercials: two people climbing up a rock cliff, one grabs a rock which causes a huge boulder to break loose. The boulder then falls, as the climbers watch, directly on top of their truck sitting below the cliff. Or a guy is sitting in a coffee shop working on his laptop when a tube of lip stick rolls to his foot. He picks it up and hands it to the woman sitting at the table next to him, only to turn around to realize his laptop was stolen. Each commercial ends with “Now What” and then

Any idea what these commercials are for? I didn’t either; so after a year or so of seeing those commercials, I finally decided to check it out. Visit Great site! And great advertising! Although it took me some time to respond, I’m not the audience. For college students and young professionals, I have to believe this resonated. It’s an ad campaign for insurance giant, State Farm. But, very subtly advertised.

This is a great example of an integrated marketing campaign. TV commercials (I believe I’ve seen outdoor billboards, too) drive traffic to the web site. The web site allows you to play games, sign up for free music, watch videos about (what else) insurance, and they’re even hosting a live steaming music concert with well-known artists in just a few weeks.

The reason I say it’s a “great example” is because it hits several criteria that I think define a great campaign:

  1. It gets your attention. Funny commercials, with a teasing message.
  2. It motivates the viewer to action. Obviously, you’re supposed to go to
  3. It connects with the audience. The clear audience is 18-25 year olds, beacuse of the use of graphics, music connection and gaming options. I don’t know much about the insurance industry, but I would guess that establishing a relationship early on has to be their goal. I’ve been with my insurance company since I got out of college (it just so happens to be State Farm).

I don’t know how well the campaign has worked. But, I have to believe it’s doing okay, because it’s still in effect at least 12-18 months after I first saw my first commercial in 2007.

“Twitter…that’s what birds say.” –Peg, my mom

9 06 2008

As you can see from my blog title, lots of folks haven’t ever heard of Twitter…including my mother. There are many great discussions happening on-line about Twitter and the value it creates (or time it wastes) in the workplace. One of my favorite evaluations of Twitter was done by John Scott Dixon on his afternoon run. Check out the video here.

No matter your opinion of Twitter, it will pay to know what the tool is, what you can do with it and how your competition may using it to form relationships and speak to their audiences.

I love this video by Lee and Sachi LeFever of CommonCraft. It’s a great overview of the basic foundation of the tool for the social-media-savvy and for, well, someone who still marvels at the mystery of e-mail.

Which reminds me, I need to send this link to my mom…with specific directions on how to copy the URL and paste it into the “little white bar at the top of the screen, Mom.”

Stay tuned for more social media goodness…


Web 2.0 as a Mindset

7 06 2008

“Web 2.0” is a somewhat abiguous term. We have debated the phrase internally to see if we could try to define what it really means. And, the truth is that, in our opinion, Web 2.0 is as much a mindset as it is a tangible change in the way the web is used today. Wikipedia defines it this way:

Web 2.0 is a term describing the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users.

This is a good general definition. But, Web 2.0 really goes beyond the physical “things” that a web site does, or even the information it provides (or conversations it creates). In order for an organization’s web site to truly enter into this new era of communication, there must be a change of mentality in an organization. Just having a blog or adding a video or two to your web site doesn’t mean you’ve reached the next level!

Web 2.0 is a mindset. Setting up a blog on WordPress or becoming a “friend” to someone on MySpace doesn’t constitute a successful leap into the world of Web 2.0. These tools must be embraced, nutured and enhanced to create a desired goal of “X” (whatever your X might be…Stronger relationships with customers? Peer to peer knowledge base? Increased product trials?).

As your organization considers upgrading or completely revamping your site to address Web 2.0, I would suggest taking a long, introspective walk to be sure that you’re ready to do it right. In some cases, baby steps might be okay. But, as fast as things move now, those baby steps will be trampled by the “other guy” who’s making giant leaps toward Web 2.0.

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