The Team

Don Polyak

I started The Impact Group about 7 years ago with Tom Speaks. My background is running political campaigns. I always thought that the best marketing campaign would follow the disciplined, strategic approach of a political campaign. For 7 years and well over 200 clients now, I think we were right. The Impact Group is a fun place to work and we have developed a great team of experts in many areas of marketing a message. PR experts, advertising experts, market research experts, online marketing experts, awesome designers and some great project managers make up our team. This blog should be a solid collection of our intellectual property. Hopefully companies in need of better marketing will read it and become convinced that we are the best team for their needs. Fellow marketing communication colleagues will hopefully read this and either want to collaborate on projects together, or send me their resumes! Cheers!

Tom Speaks

I co-founded The Impact Group about 7 years ago with Don Polyak. The building of The Impact Group has been an immensely rewarding experience. Don and I have been fortunate to work with a talented and motivated Impact Group staff that has made the journey a pleasure.   

The Impact Group has become a powerful force in state, regional and local politics as well as a recognized leader in corporate and non-profit marketing communications. As a leader of the Impact Group, I look forward to using this blog as a means of interacting with colleagues, clients and interested individuals throughout the nation.  

Martin Moleski 

I’m Martin Moleski, manager of client fulfillment for The Impact Group. I’ve been a political junkie since the 2000 presidential election – not counting my infamous campaign for student council government my senior year of high school. I’m often called the ‘Mangager of Sarcasm’ here, and I hope to capture some of that in my blog posts because in all honesty – politics can be funny. And sometimes you have to call it as it is and laugh about it. I’ve been involved in all types of different campaigns and have worked for the “Party” (you’ll catch on to my partisan affiliation as you read the blog posts) so I think I know what I’m talking about. And if I can’t come up with an original thought I’ll just watch Meet the Press and steal some of their ideas. I welcome your comments and feedback at

Allison Stulpin

I come to the Impact Group with almost a decade of experience in Graphic Design in the following creative mediums: corporate identity, branding, print, direct mail and multi-media. My technical and creative expertise enables The Impact Group to address the creative demands of today’s business environment and elevate our clients’ position among their competitors. I look forward to expanding my experience with our broad range of clients here at The Impact Group.

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17 06 2008
Tim Russert Tribute « Impact the Conversation

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24 07 2008

Hey Gang-
Nice re-do!

PS Shouldn’t there be a picture of you guys next to your names? 🙂

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