Marketing From a Point of Intelligence

9 06 2008

Marketing from a Point of Intelligence


Bottom Line…You don’t know what you don’t know. Think about that for a few seconds. Many times marketers or political campaign managers enter into a new market or political season without a clear idea of the environment they intend to influence.


How can you as a leader confidently make strategic decisions regarding your targeted audiences without surveying, focus groups or polls? The truth is…you can’t.  


You may think you know what the targeted audience is thinking. After all, don’t you frequently speak with people in your community or target market? Well hold onto your hat…but people in many social circumstances lie through their teeth! Now understand that 99% of the time these lies are not rooted in malice or an attempt to harmfully deceive. Those people are in effect…being nice.


I have spoken with dozens of Mayors, County Commissionaires, corporate CEOS, etc… who tell me that they have their ear to the ground and know what the target audience is thinking.  When pressed to divulge their source of information, I am told that at private social events citizens or employees give them “the word from the street.”


This is baloney! When you are an important official at an event, most people want to be the bearers of good news.  People find it difficult to be brutally honest while speaking to you over a miniature plate of Swedish meatballs and assorted cheese cubes.


To understand what the perceptions and satisfaction levels of your citizens or consumers are, you must conduct statistically accurate polls or surveys. This information will give you the confidence to make the correct data based decisions and in the long run…save you significant dollars.      


The Impact Group provides statistically accurate data so you can make data-based decisions for the successful future of your community or business. Accurate polling and surveys can make the difference!


Testimonials of Mayors and School Superintendents.


“The Impact Group’s poll gave us a clear picture of our citizen’s perceptions, awareness and satisfaction levels regarding our city services.”

Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough           


“The information provided by The Impact Group’s phone polls, mailed surveys and online surveys have been an amazing resource for our strategic planning process.”

Garfield Heights City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jeanne Sternad     


“In large measure, due to the Impact Group’s polling data and resulting campaign messaging, we were able to pass a difficult 1% income tax increase in our community, which was much needed.”

Hudson Mayor William Currin     


For more information on how to conduct a mailed survey, phone based or online poll in your community or target market, call the Impact Group at 330 655-5522 X 4100.